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Why mandating Weissknight USA?


The right level of expertise equals a better execution!


We come to you with a specific level of expertise, we would encourage you to compare elsewhere in the market.

Our experience and focus include valuation expertise, as well as significant cross-border corporate finance experience and valuation focus.


No conflict of Interest!

We are focus exclusively on advisory services, which enables us to offer an impartial opinion, free of any conflict of interests with other products or services.

We do not underwrite securities, neither publish securities research, nor act as a lender... This enables us to avoid the potential conflicts that may exist for most of our competitors.



We are Entrepreneurs!

We are focus exclusively on advisory Weissknight has an entrepreneurial culture, characterised by a great flexibility and the necessary level of bureaucracy.

We offer you the maximum level of confidentiality, as a way to preserve your interests and value generation. Our services can also be tailored to work highly discreetly for you.



Few transactions /Partner

means more attention!

Our business model is not to advice many companies simultaneously, with the hope to eventually close one or two deals.

Our goal is to deliver a successful service for each company we choose to represent.

This type of focus will explain our future track-record. The benefit of this approach is that if we represent your company, you will receive a level of professionalism, attention and care, not typically seen in the actual market.

Benefits to our Clients

Weissknight-USA works hand-in-hand with business owners and corporate leaders to help them achieve their unique goals. Here are just a few of the many benefits we bring to the table:

Run Your Business

Your top priority:

 business remains profitable while achieving your growth aspirations.

Leave no stone


All viable options are carefully assessed so you can feel 100% confident in your final decisions.



Access to marketing know-how for successful cross-border process.

Tailored Marketing

Benefit from dedicated marketing experts with right mix of technical, creative and financials skills.

Quality Prospecting

Reach the right counter-parties, with serious interest and capabilities, on an aggressive timeline to maintain priority, interest, control and leverage throughout the process.



Maintain focus on the totality of the transaction, so you never feel like you’re going it alone – drive tough negotiations while maintaining cordial relationships from a position of strength.

Control of


Maintain strict control of the cross-border process, protect sensitive info and limit market rumors without disruptive consequences or damaged relationships with customers, employees or strategic buyers.

Focus Senior Partners

Keep focused and on-schedule, to ensure a timely closing without letting emotions, rash decisions or other distractions derail the process.

Weissknight-USA soly offers advisory services in connection with M&A buy-side transactions or evaluation. In no way whatsoever does Weissknight itself underwrite, acquire, sell or place any type of securities, or lend any sums or hold funds on behalf of its clients.


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