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M&A - Sell-side auction process





Selling your business is more than just a transaction: it’s a turning point and perhaps THE transaction of your life.

As such, Weissknight’s M&A practice does more than negotiating and executing transactions:

  • We first learn the fundamental essence of each client as well as the rationale behind its corporate development strategy.

  • We help to prepare and maximise the value that can be reasonably extract from the sale of the business.

  • We then establish a dedicated process that will generate a competitive bidding environment and maximise your value creation.

  • Our process, when combined with our tenacity and ambition, has a great impact on the probability of a successful outcome.

By adhering to a disciplined and focused auction process, in which strict standards of confidentiality are maintained and conflicts of interest are absent, Weissknight has the objective that each sale or divestiture is achieved at the best possible combination of price and terms.

For more information on our M&A services, please contact us.

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