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Organic Growth:

launch your subsidiary abroad



Thanks to our past 20 years of investment banking experience, we know how to help clients for launching a new subsidiary abroad. Among all our specific services, we can offer:


Business strategy - options review:

  • We will advise you through all the steps (admin, local regulation, headhunting, search for the first clients, funding) from A to Z if you need us.

  • Our local company service will help you to establish the appropriate legal company structure. We will advise you how to establish the company step by step - we can act as your advisor through the all establishment process or support in specific areas where needed. You will save time and money...

  • Our services focus on identifying the right directions to maximise and secure business success, while minimising the resources on your side.


Market analysis:

  • One of the common skill in any corporate finance assignment (no matter if the problematic is around valuation, funding, M&A or LBO) is to understand and analyse market and competition within a specific Geographical zone, no matter if for a specific country or a number of countries or a continent. We have done several hundreds market analysis during the past decades.

  • Through this service, we will make sure that you understand: a) the market potential for your products and services; b) the local competitors; c) the potential opportunities for you to generate new customers and make profit.


Business development:

  • Our service focus on rapidly generating business opportunities and real meeting with potential customers, so that as a team we can transform all the first leads into real cashflows.

  • We have a very large network, we also use external databases, add on that our proprietary technology DarkKnight, and we should be your preferred outsourced sales channel when it comes to launching/opening a new country.

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