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Competitive Intelligence solutions

for cross-border growth

Weissknight has partnered with the leading Competitive Intelligence Agency, HQ in the UK, to provide corporations and investors with leading intelligence solutions.

Why Competitive Intelligence?

  1. We are with you all the way in helping you get started in an intelligence project and making the most of the powerful intelligence we reveal.

  2. Forget your competitors’ big teeth. Study them from a safe distance and turn their threat into opportunity.

  3. Know what your competitors are doing now, predict what they’ll do next, and react quicker to steal a competitive edge.

  4. Access the inside intelligence to reduce risk, remove uncertainty and confidentially make better informed commercial decisions.

  5. Understand what your market is looking for, and create the products, experiences and brands they’ll love and be loyal to.


Cross-border solutions & Maximising Returns

Diagnostic solutions:

The power of intelligence is often misunderstood. It’s confused with analytics, and big data.

That’s why we start by helping you understand its capability and develop a full Intelligence project brief. This will help determine where you are now and where you want to be by:

  • Understanding your marketplace.

  • Defining and measuring market information.

  • Reflecting changing circumstances (legislation, economics, politics etc.).

  • Supporting strategies for the integration of intelligence within your organisation.

  • Advising board and operational leaders on building an intelligence-driven culture, including training awareness of the value of intelligence.

  • Supporting the development of internal intelligence resources.

  • Creating clear and relevant outcome-based Intelligence questions. 

Strategy & Planning solutions:

After we’ve explored your world (gaining deep intelligence on your competitors, markets and customers), we give you everything you need to build short and long-term strategies to transform your business.

  •  We deliver the evidence to tell your story in the right way, to the right people, by the right channel. 


We work with you to prepare your business to be resilient, robust, scalable and ready for the fight. We help build your growth plan by aligning your resources for:

  • Business strategy and product development

  • Pricing and distribution

  • Sales, business development

  • Marketing and communications


We give you the tools to convey the strength, advantage and clarity of your brand by:

  • Supporting and integrating changes to your organisation, operations, systems, policy and strategy

  • Enabling strategy makers, board members and senior leaders to make effective decisions

  • Ensuring intelligence findings are applied in an intelligence-driven culture


The strategic outcome:

  1. Your future growth mapped out with a better marketing strategy. 

  2. Future-proofing your business with sustainable transformation, business development and effective marketing.

Board Intelligence Advisory solutions:

Bring intelligence into the board room, and make it a powerful tool in creating a competitive advantage


We can bring the role of intelligence alive in your board room and your wider organisation. Being increasingly called on to advise corporate boards of directors on the value of intelligence, we can support you by proving an impartial view of your ever changing marketplace – and how intelligence can give you a sustainable competitive advantage.


This means communicating to your board that intelligence is not jumping on the latest fad. It is not merely copying a competitor. It is about determining where your board needs to take your organisation, how it can neutralise potential problems along the way and maximise previously unforeseen opportunities.

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